If you're not growing,
​​​​​​​you're not leading.

Being a leader is about more than power.

Leadership is about connecting with your team, audience, and world on a personal, community and global level.

Leadership is about being in integrity.
It’s about being an expressed and aligned version of yourself.
And it’s about learning how you can improve for the betterment of all.

Being a leader is about learning, transformation and growth, because when you commit to that, you’re able to lead in a way that isn’t about having power, it’s about being powerFUL.

Let’s be real; our world is in a leadership crisis. When we look around for exemplary leaders, we find they’re few and far between.

We’re at a pivotal point in history where the way we view leadership is finally shifting. And because you’ve landed on this page, I’m confident that you’re part of the transformation.

You’re here because you know there’s more leading than being in charge.

You feel the call to rise and to do so in a way that’s helpful and constructive.

You’re here to be of service, not to be serviced. 

Say no more, I'm in!
And that's why you're invited to
​​​​​​​Your Leadership Recipe Live.

A no-bullshit workshop and immersive experience for womxn* (and those who desire to capacitate them) who want to realize their big dreams, lead movements, and do so without selling their sisters (not just cisters) out in the process.

Uncomfortable Truth Time: We (womxn) collectively make 77 cents on the dollar in corporate environments, and women in leadership have to work their asses off to be considered trustworthy and claim true leadership roles.  Run those numbers through other lenses such as race? Black women make 65 cents, and Latina women make 54 cents on the dollar...Despite similar educational backgrounds and capabilities as their white male counterparts.  

This is not ok. Statistics like this should not exist and yet, they persist.

The Leadership Recipe is to dismantle this toxic culture and make integrity based leadership the new normal in partnership with YOU.  To craft YOUR unique recipe for integrous leadership. Because 7 steps to effectiveness, hierarchy, and tired paradigms are a) not appealing or appetizing and b) a bit past their shelf life.  

This event is a hands on, transformational workshop for leaders and leaders-in-training who long to make shift happen in the world.  

Think of this event like a retreat for your mind, body, and soul.  There will be movement, relaxation, action, business acumen, leadership, and discussions of intersectionality (led by people whose entire mission is to lead this charge).  You'll go home with a renewed sense of purpose, concrete strategies to implement right now, and practices to start engaging with immediately.


March 9-16, 2019

Six days of Courageous Cooking classes (with a focus on how cooking can support leaders), leadership workshops, explorations on power, and using your voice.   (I know you might be thinking...COOKING?  Well, Makenna believes that cooking is the PERFECT way to look at how we show up.  We'll use the cooking classes as a way to take inventory of our current way of being.  It's actually kind of magic.)

Chateauneuf-Grasse, France
La Pitchoune, The Former Summer Home of Julia Child AND Bramafam, the Former Home of Simone Beck


(Airport to fly into?  Nice-Cote D'Azur.  Then you can Uber or Taxi into La Pitchoune)

A rising tide lifts all boats....hypothetically.  

But that's just not always how it works.  We have to rise TOGETHER and do so with INTENTION.  Otherwise?  Stuff stays broken, and systems of oppression persist.  

Think of this as your opportunity to rise in your own leadership, and to help others rise with you.  To truly own your commitments to your work, changing the world at large, and not just changing YOUR inner world. We have a metric ton of magic to share, and this is the space to do that.  


There is room for 10 folx to join us.  That's it. We can have up to 16 if couples would like to share a room and bed in Bramafam.

Movement leaders.  Entrepreneurs. Moms. Sisters. Friends. Corporate executives. Teachers. Non-profit mavens.  Gender non-conforming humans.  Folx who long to lead.  Women who already ARE leading.  You're all invited.  


(*When I say women I mean ALL women AND gender non-conforming folx who have experience oppression due to femininity and/or woman-hood.  Gender is a sticky thing, as someone who has also wrestled with gender identity for years, I do in fact get this. 

Think of this event as centered around women, and women identified folks.  So that being said, any self-identified woman or gender non-conforming/trans-feminine/has-experienced-life-as-a-woman-at-some-point-in-time human is welcome.  And we certainly don't discriminate based on race/creed/religion/gender presentation/sexual orientation/etc., etc., etc.)  


Say no more, I'm in!
Our topics this unique leadership event are:
Intention vs. Impact  :: Feel good hopes vs. actual results
Integrity, Congruence, and Resonance  ::  Leading from your values and commitments to changing the world, not just YOUR world
Personal, Community, and Global Leadership  ::  Building capacity, and the differences
Inclusion  ::  Intersectionality, deprogramming where you take part in systemic oppression
Infinity  ::  Taking imperfect action, willingness to make mistakes, and building resilience
About your host . . .
Hi, I'm Makenna Held.

I’ve been in the wonderful world of marketing since the tender age of 16 scaling businesses from zero to profits, from 10k years to 100k years, and from revenues in the millions to revenues in the billions. (Yes, literally). I’m a writer, speaker, trainer, courageous cook, and FOUR Business CEO. (And yes, I sleep 9 hours a night. And lives a relatively balanced life. Truly.)

Before I took to the online world I was a professor of Business and Economics, and was highly sought after as a high-energy teacher who made my classroom frequently laugh with delight with her eccentric metaphors, and curious homework assignments.  Surprise! I brings that energy to all of my events too.

I’m a strange one in the online marketing world, equally resourced in teaching AND marketing know-how which a deep desire, passion, and calling to shift the paradigm of leadership from it’s toxic past and present to a holistic and empowering new normal.  

​​​​​​​Not sure about me yet?  Feel free to take an intimate look at what I’m about over on YFS Magazine, MindBodyGreen, CondeNast Traveler, Vogue Online,, and The New York Times (among others).  I carry certifications in dozens of methodologies and coaching programs, a Master's degree from NYU in business and development studies, among other titles.
Yes, I'm in!

We are currently sold out.  Tickets are non-refundable, but utterly transferable.

or 4 payments of $1,050
  • ☀ Shared lodging in either La Pitchoune or Bramafam (first come, first served) for seven nights. 

    (Single supplement available for an up charge) 

    ☀ Daily continental breakfasts, and nearly ALL lunches and dinners (three not included).  

    ☀ Pre-work reading list, and resources for preparation.  (Both cooking AND leadership)

    ☀ 6 day leadership workshop, including cooking classes centered around leadership development

or 10 payments of $880
  • Everything at the $4,277 level and.... 
  • ☀ Six months of one-on-one Integral leadership coaching, and personal work before and after the event(12 one-on-one sessions of 90 minutes each with Makenna) ​​​​​​​​​​​​. (Her going rate for coaching at this level is $977 a month)


Need an extended payment plan with greater flexibility? 

This option is available for the retreat only option.  (Not the coaching package option). 

Find Makenna on Facebook, message her and include your email, and she'll send you a 'pay what you can, when you can' invoice.  You can find more about her philosophy about this here by clicking here.

What People Are Saying About Makenna's Live Events
Lindsay Padilla
Academics Mean Business
"Makenna knows how to orchestrate an event. This was a mother effin symphony. Every detail, every moment, every speaker, (did I mention the massages during checkin?!), filled with intention. I felt so taken care of. This is a mandatory event for my business. I will attend as long as she's keen on hosting them!"
Tara Leduc
Founder, International Day of Peace & Inner Peace Summi
 "I KNEW this wouldn't be dry, boring (useless) networking. I knew this would be a room of women I wanted to know, and women I wanted to work with. And boom, it was that and so much more! Massages at checkin.  Movement. Local flavour. Hugs. Tears. Rawness, growth, sharing, spirituality, anger, politics. 
And oh yah, I now have JV partnerships that came out of that room. And friendships. And support. Exactly that energy I felt before I arrived."
Parish Wilson
Writing Coach and Editor
"Every moment of Makenna's event was designed with the intention of supporting transformation and growth. I left a different person, more connected to the truth of my soul and life purpose than I ever thought possible after just a couple days. Makenna cares deeply about how we show up in the world as women and carefully crafts her events to give us what we need to be our most thoughtful, aware and inspired selves."
Sarina Harz
The Creative Harz
"Makenna's live event was unlike any I've been too.  I was nervous at first, unsure of where I would fit in. The first day, I was a bit uncomfortable. I was excited to be with such a phenomenal group of women, but a bit intimidated. It forced me to find my edge and then love it. By day two, I felt more cozy. We were digging into social justice, intersectionality, and how to lead. It was messy and beautiful. By the next morning, I had 20 new best friends and was ready to conquer the world! Her event was a life-changing moment that supported my authentic expression and helped me find my courage to lead in the world. As a result of the event I have grown my workshops by over 50%, been accepted for publication, and begun to really show up in my world. Makenna is an igniter of leadership and authentic expression."
OK!  Let's do this!  I'm in.

Community. Resonance. Integrity.

Effective leadership is about about growth. It’s imperative that you can take an honest look at where you are and identify how you need to shift and grow.

The Leadership Recipe is a tool to help you do just that.

If you’re not paying attention to your recipe and intentionally leading,
you’re being an ineffective leader.

And that’s a problem because this world needs you to step up and LEAD.

Let’s put your recipe together.

We'll see you in....
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